Child Size Soft Firefighter Ax Promotions

Child Size Soft Firefighter Ax Promotions
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Bull in a China Shop

You’ve seen your kid. Sometimes, they are a perfect little angel, capable of doing no wrong. Other times… well, they’re a bit of a walking accident waiting to happen. They knock over full glasses of milk that are right in front of them or they stumble right into a stranger at the grocery store. It’s almost like they’re a bull in a China shop or something. It’s okay! That’s all a part of being a kid, but that does mean that it might be for the best if you start them out on this plush firefighter axe before you get them training with the real thing!

Design & Details

Yes, this plush axe is much, MUCH safer than a real axe. It has a tan handle and a grey colored axe head on top, making it look a bit like a real firefighter axe. Your child can swing it around and you don’t have to worry about them getting into any trouble. Once they have it down pat, then maybe you can start thinking about doing some more serious training!

Safe Option

This child plush firefighter axe adds a nice touch to any firefighter costume for kids. And since it’s soft, squishy, and safe, it’s an axe you can feel comfortable letting your child practice with!

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