Child Sublimated Monsters Face Mask Promotions

Child Sublimated Monsters Face Mask Promotions
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It was a Mask

It was a monster mask! Monsters know how to have fun, no matter the circumstances. Take Frankenstein's monster for instance. He was shocked awake on a cold slab and was escaping to enjoy a spring day within twenty-four hours! And you'd better believe that witches know how to party solo. After all, we're pretty sure that flying around on a broomstick sounds like an awesome night! If you want to be sure to have a fabulous Halloween, then inviting a mash-up of monsters along with you is a great place to start!

Design & Details

This Monster Mask was designed to match our Classic Monsters Fair Isle Halloween Sweater. The sweater design features patterns of vampires, Frankenstein's monster, and a wicked witch with her cauldron. The perfect mask to celebrate Halloween while at school or picking out the perfect pumpkin for a spooky jack-o-lantern, your kiddo is sure to be excited to slip this on during this spooky season!

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