Child Sublimated Skeleton Pattern Face Mask Promotions

Child Sublimated Skeleton Pattern Face Mask Promotions
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Spooky Specters

Is your child interested in all things creepy or ghoulish? Some of us love characters and stories that give us that spine-chilling feeling. Skeletons often feature in those spooky tales. But why are they scary? Well, the only time you see someone’s entire skeleton is when they’re dead (unless it’s an x-ray). We don’t like to be reminded of our own mortality, and for some reason, things that look close to human without really being human freak us out a little. However, some people aren’t bothered by all this and enjoy the “bare bones” aesthetic. After all, it does look a little like they’re smiling at us!

Product Details

This skeleton pattern face mask is a fun accessory for kids who aren’t scared by our bony support system. It’s contoured for the nose and chin to help eliminate gaps, and has elastic ear loops to fit children of most ages. It’s great for the fall season or anytime during the year that your kid wants to be a little extra spooky!

A Skeletal Sight

If your child loves skeletons (or maybe just black and white patterns), get them this skeleton pattern face mask. It will go with any outfit and add a fun element to your child’s wardrobe.

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