Chucky Image Capture Canvas Tote Bag Promotions

Chucky Image Capture Canvas Tote Bag Promotions
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Chucky the Helper

Normally, Chucky isn't that helpful. He's more focused on continuing his murder than he is on truly being a "Good Guy." If you asked him to carry all of your Halloween treats, he'd probably just chase after you with a kitchen knife. That's why we wouldn't advise asking Chucky for help with anything! In fact, we'd usually just advise running away from Chucky rather than trying to ask the little dude for help!

The good news is that this Chucky Canvas Tote Bag is a lot more helpful than the iconic horror movie villain! It's an officially licensed bag that's perfect for toting around your treats.

Product Details

This bag is made out of a sturdy cotton canvas material and it measures 14.5" by 14.5". The side of the bag has an image of the devilish Chucky from the Child's Play films on the side. He's wearing his overalls and he's holding a deadly looking knife in his hand! The bag works great as a trick or treating bag for young horror movie fans, but it's also the perfect bag for any fan of the series. Just imagine using this freaky bag as a great way to carry your groceries during your next trip to the store!