Classic Mime Toddler Costume Promotions

Classic Mime Toddler Costume Promotions
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The Sound of Silence

When you think of toddlers, a lot of adjectives come to mind: Cute, messy, curious, sweet... But we think everyone can agree on the single best way to describe a toddler: Quiet. Toddlers are super, super quiet. Sometimes, when we're babysitting them, we kind of forget they exist, because they absolutely never break down into tantrums, screaming fits or uncontrollable sobs when they don't get their way. They always get along perfectly with other toddlers, with nary a dispute or cross word uttered. It's really hard to ever know where a toddler is in the house, because they move so silently.

Because of this, we think that the best costume for a toddler is a mime outfit, since they're basically mini-mimes already! We're not sure how good they are at trapping themselves in invisible boxes or pulling on invisible lengths of rope, but that's probably something that they can pick up pretty quickly.

Product Details

Amuse your friends at your next costume party with this funny, exclusive Toddler Mime Costume. The outfit looks like a traditional mime costume and is made from comfy, 100 percent polyester jersey knit fabric. The striped pullover shirt has 3/4-length sleeves, while the black shorts have turned-up cuffs and an elastic waistband for a comfy fit. The shorts also have length-adjustable red elastic suspenders attached to the waistband. The costume comes with a red necktie and a an adorable black beret... since no mime is really a mime if they don't have a cute beret!

To Mime Own Self Be True

Your little one will be ready to bring down the house (but only through quiet, controlled gestures) with this little mime costume. In fact, we think this will be the start of a beautiful career! Who knows where they'll go as a mime? No one can say!