Cozy Toddler Mummy Costume Promotions

Cozy Toddler Mummy Costume Promotions
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That's a Wrap!

We remember Halloweens of years gone by. It used to be, in ye olde days, that if you wanted to dress up like a mummy, you had to raid the bathroom for every roll of toilet paper that you could find. Then, you'd have to convince your sibling or one of your friends to wrap you in it from head to toe. Your parents would wonder where all the toilet paper went as you went to collect your trick or treat haul for the season!

Well, now that we're all grown-up, we thought that we'd make it easier to dress up like a mummy, especially since mummies are one of the most popular scary costumes around. This Toddler Cozy Mummy Costume lets your child become the classic Halloween staple without using up all of the toilet paper in the house!

Design & Details

This Cozy Mummy Costume is one of our Made by Us costumes, which means our expert designers took care creating it for your little one! The costume itself consists a white onesie that has printed bandages on the exterior to recreate the look of an Egyptian mummy. It's made out of a comfy fleece material, so they almost feel like a pair of pajamas, and since it's just a single piece, it's easy to get your toddler all dressed in an instant. It even comes with an attached hood on top, so no need for a mask or headpiece to pair with this costume!

No TP Required

The TP mummy may have been a cool costume a few decades ago, but we think it's time for a better way to dress like a mummy! This outfit is comfy and it'll have your child look like a classic mummy for their first foray into trick or treating!

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