Custom Color Witch Hat for Kids Promotions

Custom Color Witch Hat for Kids Promotions
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Spellbinding Look

Every year, you dream up incredible group looks for your family to wear on Halloween. But every year, your kiddo approaches you and asks to be a witch. Nothing wrong with a traditional look. In fact, it’s quite magical—you can do so much with the theme! However, growing kids need new costumes each year, just like they need new school clothes. But if your child is under the same spell with the same look year after year, it’s less fun to re-buy all the pieces. Luckily, you found us, and we conjured up a solution for situations just like yours!

Design & Details

Keep your little witch’s Halloween tradition exciting with our Kid’s Custom Color Witch Hat! This exclusive accessory is the perfect way to update their favorite look without needing to replace every piece! Designed to last, the heavy faux suede hat will cast its magic spell for more than one spooky season. Meanwhile, separate green, orange, and purple ribbons included with the sturdy hat allow your child to switch up their look with every playtime or Halloween!

Same But Different

Whether you’re dressing one very dedicated witch or multiple must-be-the-same witches for Halloween, keep them happy with this Made By Us Kid’s Custom Color Witch Hat! With three colors to easily switch between, this versatile accessory lets your child reuse their favorite costume year after year or allows quarrelsome siblings the chance to be the same but different for all their Halloween festivities!

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