Darth Vader Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket Promotions

Darth Vader Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket Promotions
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Do Sith Lords enjoy candy? It's hard to know. That mask probably makes it pretty tough to eat candy on the regular, but maybe when Darth Vader finally takes it off, he uses it as an opportunity to eat TONS of chocolate!

Well, we don't know for sure whether Sith Lords love candy and we're not sure how to travel to the galaxy far, far away to ask. We DO know that your little Star Wars fan loves candy. That's what makes this Darth Vader trick or treat bucket the perfect accessory for your young one!


This molded plastic bucket is shaped like Darth Vader from the original Star Wars series. It comes with plenty of awesome details, including his dome-shaped helmet and his deadly-looking mouth-grill! It also comes with a flexible plastic handle, so your child can carry it with ease as they collect candy to satisfy their tiny Sith hunger!


If your child is dressing up as one of their favorite Star Wars characters, then this trick or treat bucket is going to be a real life-saver. It'll help your child carry all of their candy while keeping their Star Wars style intact!