DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Stud Earrings Promotions

DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Stud Earrings Promotions
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Show This Hero Some Love

Wonder Woman is one of the greatest heroes to ever grace the pages of comics. That being said, we think it’s time you start showing her some love. Whether you want to cosplay her at a convention or dress up as her for Halloween is up to you, but you can also be subtler with your admiration. These Wonder Woman Logo Stud Earrings are perfect no matter how you choose to show your appreciation for this heroic Amazonian. Wear them to complete your Wonder Woman costume or simply add them to your everyday attire. They can be a perfect subtle nerdy addition to any outfit you go out in to take on the day.

Product Details

These officially licensed earrings are recommended for anyone 13 years of age and older. They aren’t made of a precious metal that can only be found in Diana’s homeland out in the Amazon Isles. Sadly we couldn’t find her homeland, so instead, we found a base metal to have this jewelry made. It is gold toned and each earring is molded into the classic “WW” logo.

Feel as stylish as Diana Prince and as Strong as Wonder Woman when you go out wearing these lovely earrings!