Deluxe Hermione Wand Promotions

Deluxe Hermione Wand Promotions
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Wand Versatility

You will find that the wand doesn’t always choose the wizard. Ollivander wasn’t lying when he told Harry Potter that the wand makes the final decision, but there are occasions where the wizard must choose their wand. For example: when you are dressing up as a famous witch or wizard.

Can you imagine if Harry, Ron, and Hermione went off on their Gringotts heist without Bellatrix’s wand? There’s no way it would have gone smoothly—okay it didn’t go smoothly even with the wand, but they were much more convincing with it! The same will be true any time you disguise yourself as one of the wizarding world’s more recognizable citizens.

Product Details

With this Deluxe Hermione Wand, your Hermione costume will go from good to pure magic. The molded plastic wand is a detailed replica of the wand Hermione Granger uses in the Harry Potter films. When you carry this officially licensed wand, you’ll have the perfect accessory to amplify your magic—you may even dethrone Hermione as the brightest of your age!

Necessary Accessory

No witch or wizard would dare leave the house without their magic wand. Complete your wizarding costume with this Deluxe Hermione Wand. You’ll be ready to perfect any spell and show off your magic prowess with this stunning accessory!