Deluxe Kid's Witch Hat Promotions

Deluxe Kid's Witch Hat Promotions
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Uniquely Magical

Your child has a particular way about them. They’re equal parts old soul and whimsy. So when they came to you asking if they could be a witch for Halloween, you knew just any costume wouldn’t do. They’d need a combination of traditional and playful—nothing too stuffy, but not too cutesy either. Their witch costume needed to be as magical as they are, down to the very last detail.

You’ve come to the right place! With your child’s witch costume chosen and their Halloween plans set, all you need is the hat to top it all off. And we have precisely the hat to help your child express their personal brand of magic!

Design & Details

Inspired by classic witch costumes and the quirks of modern witching tales, our team of designers came up with this Kid’s Deluxe Witch Hat! Deep black velvet over light-weight foam creates the base for this exclusive accessory. The familiar styling is given its playful look with an interior wire that can be curled or straightened to suit your child’s preference.


Whether your child wants to be spooky or sweet on Halloween, this Made By Us Kid’s Deluxe Witch Hat can cast the necessary spell. All your child needs to add is the cackling laugh or sparkling smile to match their witchy-whims!

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