Deluxe Teen Freddy Sweater Promotions

Deluxe Teen Freddy Sweater Promotions

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There are some things that all teenagers have to worry about sooner or later. Coping with evil nightmare-demons, however, is not one of those things, and if you're a teen who's running into Freddy Krueger in your dreams, you should definitely tell an adult and get that sorted out! (probably before it gets dark, too)

If, on the other hand, you want to make your friends have a couple sleepless nights, add this licensed Deluxe Teen Freddy Sweater to your costume and you'll be on your way to looking just like the classic movie slasher! This is the creepiest sweater you could possibly dream up, with tattered edges and wear and tear modeled after Freddy's infamous outerwear. Grab a Freddy mask, fedora, and glove to complete this terrifying costume, or just wear the sweater and weird all your friends out!

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