Demon Slayer Katana Promotions

Demon Slayer Katana Promotions
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99 Problems

Tanjiro Kamado has 99 problems... and demons are pretty much all of them! Those nasty creatures are always causing mayhem in the world of the living. That's why we need brave young warriors to join the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps! Through intense training, they do the dirty job of fighting demons so us normal folks can live in peace.

Looking to join? You may just have what it takes to slay those hideous beasts, but you might want to start practicing your sword techniques now. With this Demon Slayer Katana, you can get a jumpstart on your sword techniques now.

Product Details

This Demon Slayer Katana prop is inspired by the blade wielded by Tanjiro Kamado. It's constructed out of a rigid core and is surrounded by soft foam. No blade means that you can practice delicate sword techniques without the risk of injury! The hilt is made out of rigid plastic and the sword fits neatly inside. The foam hilt ring sits on top of the grip and slides over the blade. Whether you use this to practice your demon-slaying technique, or you use it to complete your anime cosplay costume is up to you!

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