Descendants 3 Girls Audrey Wig Promotions

Descendants 3 Girls Audrey Wig Promotions
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A Light and Dark Look

In a world that is all about the differences between the evil villains and the good folks of Auradon, it's only natural that you'll have characters that swap sides. Obviously, Mal and Evie jumped over to the good side. Well... maybe it is obvious for some. Audrey isn't quite so convinced. Too bad that jealousy and distrust has her flipping sides, too!

Of course, the nice thing about swapping sides is that you get to really change up your look, too. Those days of simple brown hair are long gone after Audrey gets a gander at the bright shades of hair that the VKs are able to rock. She experimented just a bit with some pink locks but now it's time for some seriously vivid style! Who'll see it coming!?

Product Details

Channel the looks of Audrey in her Descendants 3 style with this Audrey wig. It features long, curly hair that is pink with blue streaks, designed to replicate the look of this infuriated princess.

Good for Good; Great for Evil

This Audrey wig and its pink and blue color scheme offers up the perfect way to complete an official Audrey look. It works great for mermaids, sorcerers, and epic dance numbers, too.

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