Descendants 3 Girls Mal Wig Promotions

Descendants 3 Girls Mal Wig Promotions
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No Magic Required

Mal sure has a knack for magic... well, sometimes. Still, her ability to utter a few phrases and make reality reshape to her heart's content is pretty mystifying. Fortunately, for a Villain Kid, she doesn't use those powers (intentionally) to cause any trouble. In fact, some of her favorite incantations appear to be ensuring that she's got a hairstyle that will have the rest of the Auradon crew feeling just a bit green with envy! And, not only is she keeping up her look for Descendants 3, but it looks like she's going to share the good stuff, so you don't have to do any casting yourself!

Product Details

Feel some of that hairdo magic for you and yours with this Mal Wig from Descendants 3. This is a shoulder-length wig with a dark purple and blue ombre effect. It is styled with a few curls at the base. Perfect for any Mal costume or to accentuate any other mystical look that you may want to conjure up!

Violet Locks for Days

Whether you want to help your tyke show off as the daughter of Maleficient or have the magical hairdo of mermaids, witches, and other spunky supernatural beings, this Mal Wig is the perfect thing to top off the look!

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