Despicabe Me 3 Minion Toddler Costume Promotions

Despicabe Me 3 Minion Toddler Costume Promotions

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Minions, they may love to follow villains but they sure are spunky. While your little one might love the high pitched little ruffians your kiddo should probably be grateful that there's not a group of them trying to help steal those cookies from the top shelf in the kitchen cupboard. Yeah, she knows about them, We'd change that hiding spot if we were you. Those buggers just tend to get in people's way, tripping them up and causing chaos in their master plan, cute chaos though, we must admit!
They might not always have it all together but these guys are pretty innovative, they proved that in the movie Despicable Me 3. Who knew they would do so well when they were locked up in the state penitentiary, though it doesn't seem fair that they went to prison after they put on such an amazing show! They were doing well in jail, they kind of had the run of the place. However, as minions do they missed their leader and as minions do they found their way out of their predicament, not too hard since their tiny bodies could easily squeeze through the bars.
Funny thing is, turning into one of the age old minions isn't nearly as hard as you would assume. Your little one will look adorable in their blue overall uniform and stay cozy in the attached yellow turtleneck. The matching fleece hat with the bewildered minion eyes in goggles will make her ready to get into some mischief, as the minions would say, "Oooooh, stuffed crust!". Sorry, that's the only quote we could find that wasn't in Minionese.

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