Devil May Cry Ebony Latex Pistol Promotions

Devil May Cry Ebony Latex Pistol Promotions
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Rapid Fire Readiness

So the rumors are that a handful of demons and other nasties are rampaging around the neighborhood. The good news is that they seem to be on their best behavior. (The worst of their crimes are usually growling at doors in hopes of getting a fistful of candy or hanging around Halloween parties and convention centers posing for pictures to enhance their Instagram profile.) Still, we can't have those demonic entities just running amok. That's why we need to be ready, even at long range, with something that will remind them that Dante is on the job!

Product Details

Whether you're heading out on a Halloween adventure or want to bring some authenticity to your Devil May Cry cosplay, ensure that you're equipped for anything with this Ebony Latex Pistol prop. The toy weapon is light in hand and measures just over a foot long. Designed with the video game series in mind, you'll have all you need to pull off those flawless demon-hunting maneuvers with Ebony at your side.

The Ebony to your Ivory

If the left-handed, long-ranged approach of Devil May Cry isn't enough for you, keep your look authentic by grabbing Ivory as well. This Ebony prop makes you pretty impressive but dual-wielding them both will ensure everyone knows that you're the one and only Dante!

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