Dino Egg Treat Bag Promotions

Dino Egg Treat Bag Promotions
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Kids will love their dinosaur costume because it allows them to connect with their inner fierceness. A dinosaur costume means children can use their outdoor voice inside; they can be as loud as they want! (Right mom and dad?) They can stomp around the house, practicing an intimidating roar because that's what real dinosaurs did billions of years ago. A dino disguise also means plenty of scares are ahead. Get ready to be surprised, snuck up on, and startled because little dinosaurs will love testing out their new, powerful roar to see how high you jump. Eeek! You'll love watching your child's imagination take over!

The dino egg treat bag accents all dinosaur costumes. Not only is it a convenient way to carry goodies around, but it also encourages more imaginative play. Now your child is a scary, roaring dinosaur carrying around a speckled, treat-filled egg!


The dino egg treat bag is a Made by Us accessory. Forget about buying a new treat bag every year, this is the only one you'll ever need since it's made from high-quality fabric and created to last. It features a sturdy handle with green circles throughout.


It's made to go with every single dinosaur costume!