Disney Kingdom Hearts Sora's Keyblade Accessory Promotions

Disney Kingdom Hearts Sora's Keyblade Accessory Promotions
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The Chosen One

Being the chosen one is a big responsibility! It’s up to you to defeat the heartless, lock the keyholes of the various worlds, and protect the worlds from impending doom. You also need to find all of your friends and locate the lost King Mickey! That’s a lot to ask out of someone! Hey, at least Sora from Kingdom Hearts has a couple of good pals to help him bare the load. And did we mention that Sora gets to wield the keyblade?

What do you think? Do you want to give the whole “chosen one” thing a try? Well, then you’re going to need a keyblade to accompany you on your journey!

Product Details

This officially licensed Kingdom Hearts Keyblade recreates Sora’s iconic weapon from the Disney games. It’s made out of molded plastic and has a metallic silver blade. The hand guard is bright yellow and the bottom even has a Mickey Mouse themed keychain.

Becoming Sora

You’ll be ready to take on any villain from the Disney universe when you have this Keyblade in your hands! Just be sure to check out all of our Kingdom Hearts costumes. You can even transform into Sora when you pair this keyblade up with our Sora costume!

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