Disney Toy Story Woody Adult Accessory Kit Promotions

Disney Toy Story Woody Adult Accessory Kit Promotions
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We hear that you're thinking of heading into the western frontier and making a name for yourself with the Roundup Gang. Well, we understand why you might want to become a rootin' tootin' cowboy. They're capable, a ton of fun, and if Bo Peep has anything to say about it even a bit on the sexy side! But, it usually takes a lot of time and practice to take on the cowboy mantle... and, even then, you still have to worry about snakes in your boots and going head to head with the latest in Space Ranger crazies! Fortunately, there is another way...


Get ready to gear up with this Woody Kit from Toy Story. With this easy set of accessories, you can transform into your favorite Sheriff in a snap without all that hassle. The printed cowhide on the vest is not only stylish but also makes excellent camouflage when you’re rustling your herds. The printed handkerchief sets off the colors of the costume and keeps the dust out of your face when you ride Bullseye across the frontier. Last, the lightweight foam hat is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes while providing you with the perfect way to connect with your favorite toy!


Time to take that tired old expression from your buddy Buzz and turn it into something really exciting. (After all, he's not the only one who had a TV show, right?!) Bring Woody to life in a snap by slipping into this Woody Kit!

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