Dollar Sign Rhinestone Costume Earrings Promotions

Dollar Sign Rhinestone Costume Earrings Promotions
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Bling It On

You've worked SO hard. You saved and lived moderately and made sensible choices. You put your head into your job for years and now it's finally paying off — you just got that big promotion you've been waiting for! And while some people may say it's good to be humble, we personally think that tonight calls for an all-out celebration worthy of your awesomeness.

Why not top your favorite party dress with these awesome Dollar Sign Rhinestone Costume Earrings? Sure, they're a bit...obvious...but hey, you've earned it! Literally. So tonight, you're going all out and taking your best gals for a night on the town — bring on the shrimp cocktail, the champagne and caviar, the hired driver, and the open dance floor. Maybe you can't live like this every day, but for today, you are the queen of your castle, the toast of the town, the height of society. Of course, they also make a great addition to many a Halloween costume, if that's more your thing!

Product Details

This pair of oversized earrings measure approximately 2.25 inches! They dangle in a large circle with a clear dollar sign in the center, all covered with glitzy, silvery shine!

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