Double Sword Back Holster Promotions

Double Sword Back Holster Promotions

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The Backup Sword

It’s a problem that happens every single day. You’re in the middle of an epic battle. Once again, it looks as though your sword is going to guide you to a swift victory. You swing your sword through the air to defeat your final opponent, but then, wouldn’t you know it, you miss and the darn blade gets stuck in the ground! Now, you’re just a sitting duck on the battlefield.

Well, you should have been prepared. You should have brought a second, backup sword, along with you. Then, you’d never have to worry about those sorts of troublesome situations. That’s why this double sword holster is a complete game changer!

Product Details

This Double Sword Holster is a handy accessory that lets you carry two, count ‘em, two swords! That’s double the sword holding action. It’s made out of a faux leather material and it has adjustable straps that fit around your shoulders. On the back, it has two separate sword holsters.

Two Swords are Better Than One

If you’re a warrior charging into battle and you need to make sure that you always have a second sword handy, then you’ll want this holster. If you’re just planning a trip to the Renaissance Festival and you need to look your best, then you’ll also want this holster!