Dragon Ball Z - Buu Fleece Cap Promotions

Dragon Ball Z - Buu Fleece Cap Promotions
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Bibidi Babidi Buu

Do you ever wish you were a fighting entity created by a powerful wizard? Sometimes, we do...

Of course, in the Dragon Ball Z universe, that's how Majin Buu was created. Babidi used his skills in sorcery to will Buu into existence with immense powers. Us? Well, we were born the normal way and our only special power is making some pretty tasty French toast (if you can even call that a special power). That doesn't stop us from pretending! And with this Dragon Ball Z Fleece Buu Cap, it's even easier to feel like Majin Buu!

Product Details

This cap comes officially licensed from the Akira Toriyama classic, Dragon Ball Z. It's made out of synthetic, fleece material, making it soft and comfortable. The hat has fiberfill stuffing on the interior to help it keep that rounded shape. It also has that long antenna on top, just like the one Buu uses to turn his foes into candy! The cap is designed to be one size fits most, so you can become the powerful fighter just by tossing it on your head! If you want a quick way to cosplay as your favorite Dragon Ball Z villain, then this is an easy choice!

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