Dragon Ball Z Cell Costume Cap for Adults Promotions

Dragon Ball Z Cell Costume Cap for Adults Promotions
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The Transformation

Even Cell wasn’t born with those perfectly sculpted crest things on his head. He had to work to get that look! The Dragon Ball Z baddie started out looking like a big disgusting bug. Then, he absorbed a bunch of innocent humans, but that still wasn’t enough to transform his head. After that, he absorbed Android 17, but that wasn’t even enough. Finally, after he’d absorbed Android 18, his head finally transformed into that perfect V-shape that we all know and love. Talk about a lot work just to get a nicely shaped head!

Fortunately, you don’t have to do any absorbing to become like Perfect Cell. You just need this handy hat, which is licensed from the Dragon Ball Z anime series.

Product Details

It’s never been easier to become an evil android bent on the total destruction of Earth! This Dragon Ball Z Cell costume cap is a soft sculpted hat that’s shaped just like Cell’s head. It has a chin strap along the bottom for fitting and it even has Cell’s square ears! Just toss it on and you’ll feel like one of Dr. Gero’s greatest creations!

Final Form

With this DBZ hat, you’ll finally be ready to transform into your final form! Just remember that this hat doesn’t actually increase your power level, so don’t go picking fights with Goku when you wear it!

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