Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Rumbling Plush 4" Promotions

Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Rumbling Plush 4" Promotions
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Dragon Balls Made Easy

Have you ever noticed? We watched every episode of the original series, along with DBZ, Super, and most of the movies. As the series went on, the Dragon Balls got WAY easier to collect. Didn't they? In the very first season, it took Goku and Bulma 12 whole episodes to gather up all 7 balls and make their wish to Shenron. Once Dragon Ball Z hit, gathering up those little orange orbs became a breeze. Well, now it's even easier than ever for you to get your hands on the 4-star ball! That's right! You don't have to fight any Red Ribbon Army members and you don't need to watch out for Emperor Pilaf and his goons!

Product Details

This Dragon Ball Z 4-Star Ball is a collectible plush based on the iconic ball from the Akira Toriyama anime series. It's made out of ultra-soft material and features the 4-star pattern on the side. It also comes with an attached string on top. Simply pull the string to activate the rumbling feature. You might not be able to summon Shenron with this single Dragon Ball, but it is a cool collectible that fits right in with any anime collection.

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