Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi's Staff Promotions

Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi's Staff Promotions
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Why the Staff, Roshi?

Master Roshi doesn't need a cane. He can walk just fine without one. And if you've seen some of the original episodes of Dragon Ball Z, then you know he definitely doesn't need any weapons to kick some serious butt. So then, why does he carry around that old-looking staff with him wherever he goes? We'll tell you why. Style and appearances.

Everyone knows that you need a cool staff in order to be taken seriously has a wise old martial arts master. After all, nothing suggests the air of experience like a weathered staff that looks as mature as your martial arts skills!

Design & Details

This Master Roshi staff is designed to look like the one wielded by the Turtle Hermit in Akira Toriyama's iconic anime series. It's made out of molded plastic and it is painted to recreate the look of wood. The staff comes in 2 pieces, which easily snap together to form the staff. It measures 4 feet long and it adds the finishing touch to your Master Roshi costume.

Not for Martial Arts Use

This staff might have a realistic look, but it's not for martial arts use. You probably won't be able to hone your Kamehameha Wave with it. It also probably won't help you get a date either (as Master Roshi himself knows). It does, however, help you fully transform into the Dragon Ball Z character.

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