Elder Scrolls Daedric Dagger Promotions

Elder Scrolls Daedric Dagger Promotions
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Sacred Smithing

So, you've narrowly avoided a beheading thanks to the arrival of the first dragon seen in an age. Now, you're looking at making yourself a living. Of course, you start by crafting up some daggers. Before you know it, you've leveled up to unbelievable ranks! But, nobody told you that the crabs and Draugr outside were going to do the same thing! (Where did they get all their crafting skills, anyway!?) Well, you'll need a solid weapon but it isn't like you're going to find a Daedra Heart laying around in Whiterun!

Product Details

Fear not. You won't need to pray at any altars to the Daedric Princes to earn yourself a blade that will see you through your adventure. Just wield this officially licensed Daedric Dagger from Elder Scrolls. It is designed to look like it came right out of your Skyrim game, from the serrated blade to the dark coloration. All you need next is the right enchantment and costume to start your new adventure!

Demonic Doom

Normally, you only have a few options to get a hand on one of these mystic Daedric Daggers from Elder Scrolls. Rather than facing down high-level monsters or making pacts with the enigmatic Daedric Princes, you can enjoy this prop and just get right into the fun!

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