Elsa Adult Frozen 2 Wig Promotions

Elsa Adult Frozen 2 Wig Promotions
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Watery Confrontations

Okay, we understand that Elsa has some pretty intensely overwhelming magic at her disposal. She's made the entire flippin' kingdom go ice age and whipped up a work of architectural wonder in the span of a few twirls. We're not knocking her ability to command the elements at all.

That said, there is some kind of truly mighty magic at work that keeps Elsa's hair intact no matter what she's up to. Skating along frozen ocean surfaces? Like a pleasant breeze keeping those locks peppy. Diving into the depths and facing down the watery shapeshifter, Nokk? Those bangs are still bangin' (even though her braid is a little more Ariel-esque).

What is this power!?

Product Details

Well, we're not certain, but it's possible that Elsa has tapped into an even older power... one that we humans have been turning to for years. It's time to wield the very same power as Elsa of Arendelle with this Elsa wig in her Frozen 2 style. This wig is made of synthetic hair on a mesh cap. It's styled and colored to look just like the iconic platinum braids of your favorite Queen of Ice, too!

Style in the Depths

We don't recommend diving into the water to deal with ancient and mysterious spirits. But, if you choose to do that, you can be sure that this Elsa wig will be waiting to make you look dry and in style.

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