Feature Wizard Wands- Dumbledore Wand Promotions

Feature Wizard Wands- Dumbledore Wand Promotions

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We've been working on our magical capabilities for quite some time now, in hopes of finally getting into Hogwarts. So far, no owl carrying our personal invite as arrived but we're not giving up hope. We've been practicing summoning a Patronus, we've tried Defense Against the Dark Arts charms and we even took the kitchen broom outside, hoping to ascend in the air. There haven't been any signs that we're made for conducting witchcraft and wizardry, but we're also not ones to give up on our dreams. This Dumbledore wand allows us to keep our dreams alive.

With this Harry Potter themed prop, our lifelong dream has been rejuvenated! Hopefully once in our hands, the Dumbledore wand will grant us the magic touch we've been pining for. If not, we just have another awesome wand prop to practice our spells!


Molded from plastic, this wand is 15-inches long, approximately. Once 3 AAA batteries are inserted and the button is pressed, the wand makes realistic spellcasting sounds and the tip lights up. There are five different play modes on this officially licensed wand!


Want to amp up your magical aptitude? Try picking up an Albus Dumbledore costume to pair with this wand.

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