Foam Bloody Meat Hook Promotions

Foam Bloody Meat Hook Promotions
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The Wurst Halloween Accessory

When you're gearing up for Halloween, you've got to make sure that your creepy "i"s dotted and eerie "t"s are crossed. For instance, you wouldn't dress up as haunting little ghost girl without pairing yourself up with the most demented rag doll you can find. You wouldn't dress as a zombie judge without bringing along a blood-stained gavel. So, if whether you're dressing as a backroads serial killer or a butcher gone back, make sure you've got ahold of this disturbing meat hook. When you're putting together nightmare-inducing Halloween costumes, it's all in the details and this particular accessory really gets down to the meat of the matter.

Product Details

This hook has a rustic and grimy look with a bloodstained hook and greasy looking handle. It's lightweight, made with a stiff foam material. Perfect for any horror villain look, it's sure to cause some major scares.

Okay, We'll Stop Carrion On Already

We get it, you're thinking this is a simple meat hook. You'll either make the investment in your costume or you won't. What else could be said about the matter? Well, it's just that we care so much about spooky accessories! If you rooted through the closets of employees (that's rude, by the way) you'd find we care deeply about having options for making our costumes the best that we can. Sometimes that means adding literal bells and whistles and sometimes a costume calls for a simple meat hook. When it comes to the details, your whole costume is at steak!