Foam Sai Toy Weapon Set Promotions

Foam Sai Toy Weapon Set Promotions

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That’s Not What a Sai Does *sigh*

The sai is perhaps one of the most misunderstood weapons around. You see, most people think that it’s some kind of sword or dagger, but it was mostly a defensive weapon that evolved from the Japanese weapon called the “jitte”. That long prong in the middle didn’t usually even have a bladed edge. When a fierce samurai warrior swung his sword at you, you’d use this handy little weapon to block the attack and trap your enemy’s blade in those side prongs. Then you just twist the blade out of your enemy’s hands and make your counter attack.

Product Details

Of course, this foam sai weapon set is just a toy, so you probably shouldn’t be blocking any sword attacks with it. You can, however, add this cool accessory to your ninja costume and then impress folks at the party with your intense knowledge of Okinawan weaponry. It has a solid plastic core, which is encased in a soft foam material. It has a silver and brown paint scheme which makes it look like a real weapon.

Ninja Education

Whether you decide to educate people on the sai, or just swing it around wildly while dressed like a ninja is totally up to you. Either way, you’ll have a high-quality toy weapon to bring with you!

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