Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote Promotions

Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote Promotions
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Disguising Jason

Do you plan on masquerading as Jason Voorhees this Halloween? Have you thought about how you’ll get beyond the front gate to bring terror to all the campers at Camp Crystal Lake? It’s a bit of a logistical nightmare. Jason doesn’t blend in with a crowd—unless you’re at a hockey game that’s exclusively attended by fans of the goaltenders. Even if he took off the mask though, the water damage on his face would be a little conspicuous. However, we’ve been thinking, and it seems that very simple disguises tend to let major characters fly under the radar. So, get your Jason costume ready to go and add this Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote to your ensemble. Then, you should be able to just waltz right into camp for some spooktacular fun!

Product Details

This canvas tote is the perfect accessory for your Friday the 13th costume! The single pocket offers plenty of space for carrying all your Jason-approved costume accessories. Plus, with a screen-printed image of a perfectly welcoming Camp Crystal Lake sign on the front, no one will suspect there’s anything but Halloween candy inside!

Accessorize Accordingly

Whether you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating dressed as Jason or playing the role of a doomed camper in a Friday the 13th group costume, this treat bag is just the thing to carry your Halloween sweets or camping supplies!

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