Frozen 2 Girl's Anna Wig Promotions

Frozen 2 Girl's Anna Wig Promotions
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Easy to Tell 'em Apart!

We've heard that some parents muddle up the kiddos' names. In fact, some of us still have our own parents look us in the eye and call us by our uncle's names. (That's really only odd when our actual name is Rebecca compared to Stan.) But, still, it's sometimes a challenge to keep things straight in your head. (That's especially true when you're dealing with one of your youngsters who has started blasting the Great Hall with layers of ice and giant piles of snow!)

Fortunately for the Arendelle siblings, they have one feature (other than the ice magic) that makes it pretty clear which is which! Sure, there are plenty of differences, but that bright head of fiery auburn hair makes Anna stand out like a gleaming fire in a snowstorm!

Product Details

If your tyke is ready to take on the challenge of keeping Elsa out of trouble, make sure to crown them with this Anna wig from Frozen 2. This is an officially licensed wig of synthetic hair on a mesh cap styled and braided just like Anna's look in the feature film.

A Fiery Head to Match the Heart

There's only one person out there that can stand head to head with Elsa's icy magic! Make sure your little Anna is a gleaming source of warmth from head to heart with this Anna wig.

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