Frozen 2 Girls Elsa Wig Promotions

Frozen 2 Girls Elsa Wig Promotions
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Who's Got Magic for That!?

Okay, so your kiddo is a mighty enchanter with command over the winter weather, watery ways, and shining snow. Cool. (Literally.) She might even have mustered up the magic to spin in circles and conjure up some icy clothes all on her own. (Or perhaps you picked up a perfectly prestigious costume to help her out.)

But, now it's time to get the gleaming platinum blonde hair to match the magic. Remember that time that Elsa snapped her fingers and icy snowfolk appeared to do up her long braid and keep it from getting tangled while facing down giant rock monsters and confused soldiers? (Yeah, neither do we!) That kind of hairdo doesn't come from a snap!

Product Details

It's time to top off your kiddo's Elsa look with an officially licensed wig from Frozen 2. This bright wig is composed of synthetic hair on a mesh cap and will transform your tyke into the very look Elsa sports while preparing to freeze those ocean waves down!

Castle Building and Wave Crashing

Whether your kiddo is looking to spin in circles while belting out Let It Go or she's prepared to venture Into the Unknown, who has time to get those braids perfect!? Save your magic for other tasks with this Elsa wig.

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