Frozen Girls Elsa Union Suit Promotions

Frozen Girls Elsa Union Suit Promotions
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What’s Next?

Elsa has caused an eternal winter. She’s stopped an eternal winter. Then there was the time she got a cold and created a bunch of tiny snowmen, much to Marshmallow’s delight. Of course, we can’t forget that first holiday after the gates were opened and Elsa helped discover that her icy powers were the cause of her family’s only remaining tradition. And, obviously, her quest into the unknown and promotion to fifth elemental spirit and protector of the Enchanted Forest pretty much takes the cake. But where will her adventures lead next?

Your child has watched each Frozen story countless times. They’ve recreated each enchanting tale with their toys and dressed as Elsa for each Halloween they could. Now it’s their turn to imagine up new stories at bedtime and live out those captivating Elsa dreams at playtime!

Product Details

Make every day more magical with this Frozen Elsa Union Suit! The super-soft blanket sleeper will keep the cold from bothering your child while they settle in for a good night’s sleep or explore the lands from Arendelle to Ahtohallan at playtime. With printed details inspired by Elsa’s sparkling new look in Frozen 2, this jumpsuit will have your child feeling just as enchanting as their favorite character. A hidden zipper down the center front of this officially licensed jumpsuit makes getting into character easy. Whether they’re heading to the couch for another Frozen movie marathon or over to their friend’s slumber party, this cozy sleeper is ready for the adventure!

New Elsa Adventures

Get ready to hear endless stories about Elsa when you add this Elsa Union Suit to your child’s wardrobe! With all the memories from every Frozen movie in their arsenal and a playful new outfit to explore in, your child will be ready to bring Elsa on as many new adventures as they can dream up!

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