Frozen Pillowcase Treat Bag Promotions

Frozen Pillowcase Treat Bag Promotions
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The Great Candy Shortage

The good people of Arendelle require candy! Yes, there has been a massive candy shortage and the commonfolk of Arendelle are being deprived of their favorite treats. There is naught a chocolate bar or gumdrop in the entire kingdom and they need their sugary sweets! There's only one person that can help... your little one, dressed as one of the royal family! Yes, that's right. When your child takes on the role of Anna or Elsa, they'll need to solve this little candy problem, but luckily, a quick round of trick or treating should fill Arendelle's coffers full of sweet, delicious treats! And, of course, they're going to need this Frozen Pillowcase Treat Bag! It's perfectly designed for carrying that candy.

Product Details

Based on Disney's hit animated film, Frozen, this treat bag has plenty of space for your child's trick or treat haul. It's made out of a sturdy satin and comes with a drawstring top. It has a printed image of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on the sides. It even comes with a webbing carry strap, so your child can sling it around their shoulder as they fill it up with this year's motherlode!

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