Game of Thrones Hand of the Queen Pin Promotions

Game of Thrones Hand of the Queen Pin Promotions
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When your birthright is stolen from you and held by a bunch of wicked-hearted money-grubbers, sometimes you have to take a stand and just recreate a few things in the image that perhaps they should have been to begin with!

As the march forward to the Iron Throne continues, all queens need a strong Hand to support them. The fact that Daenerys chose the diminutive Tyrion Lannister just shows that she can see beyond the material to the substance within!


Show the world that you also understand what it means to be the Hand when you wear this officially licensed Hand of the Queen Pin from Game of Thrones. This 3-inch pin adheres to your clothes with a tack and shows in bright silver color that you are the protector and will-maker of the true Queen of Westeros! (Though, the other Lanniesters might disagree!)


The power of the insignia of the Hand of the Queen gives its wearer a great deal of respect and authority, even if they're not typically used to getting it. Be prepared to both receive astounding awe and a bit of skepticism as folks recognize that you're the Hand of the Queen... even if she's not currently holding the Iron Throne.

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