Girl's Cavebaby Costume Promotions

Girl's Cavebaby Costume Promotions

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Your little one is already a naturally gifted finger painter (we saw what she did to the kitchen walls. And kitchen table. And sofa.); why not costume her so that she fits flawlessly into a time period where her skills will be honored and admired?

We can see that she’s great at gathering leaves and berries (from the yard). She’s clearly adept at using rocks as tools (to chisel holes out of the walkway). And she’s often heard talking for a loooooong time without saying a single word of modern English (googoo gahgah, indeed). Thus, we’ve deduced that this Girl's Cavebaby Costume won’t require much imagination to come to life on your little one. She’ll love embracing her untamed heart, and as a bonus, she’s bound to look so super cute as she hunts around the neighborhood for sweets that her sack will be filled to the brim—meaning your brood won’t need to worry about your stores of sugar during this cold season!

You both can skip the epic battle of hair brushing and instead slip this bow-adorned wig onto her head. The simple dress boasts a bone accessory, and makes for easy dressing, even when she’d rather be preying on the housecat under the bed, coaxing him to play. These furry leg warmers offer a mammoth dose of cute and cozy!You've worked hard to make sure that she has a comfortable cave to call home, now send her out into the world looking prehistorically adorable! And buy washable paint while you’re at it.

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