Girls Dot the Dino Costume Promotions

Girls Dot the Dino Costume Promotions

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Dot the Dino

Most folks who claim to be dinosaur experts will confidently assert that dinos were fearsome predators who ruled their era with sharp claws and even sharper teeth. Well, that's only part of the story. Because plenty of dinosaurs were vegetarians who didn't even need to hunt. And, we suspect, a lot of them were even neon pink and green!

Okay, okay, the fossil record doesn't really tell us what color most dinosaurs were, but your kiddo can be an exemplary example of a cute dinosaur when you pick out this delightful Dot the Dino Costume. Vibrant colors and soft materials mean she's going to be having a blast as a prehistoric critter. Maybe she better start practicing her roar!

Product Details

This Girls Dot the Dino Costume comes styled as a hooded tunic. It has a single opening for both legs, and an arm opening on each side. In a stunning and sharp pink, it sports a green tummy, green spots, and green spikes that run from the head to the tail. The fiberfill stuffed tail hangs a few inches below the costume for the perfect final touch.

Definitely not carnivorous

You'll love having a very cute, totally non-carnivorous dinosaur in your home when you get your little one suited up in this costume. Of course, if you were so inclined, you could suit up your entire family in dinosaur costumes to create an epic family theme.

We've got styles for the young and old, in men's and women's designs and we've got a huge selection, enough so that you'll have no trouble assembling a most excellent dinosaur squad. Maybe you'll all need to be practicing some roars after shopping here at!

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