Girls Purple Goddess Costume Promotions

Girls Purple Goddess Costume Promotions

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Everyone knows that being a goddess would be amazing. But what would be the best color outfit for a goddess to wear while going about her celestial business? Purple, of course! When your little one is dressed up in this Purple Goddess Costume, she'll look like she'd just strolled out of an Ancient Greek myth!

There are a few purple things in the natural world, like grapes, lilacs, and a few flashy birds and lizards, so people have been aware of this pretty color for quite a while. But throughout history, purple dye has been notoriously difficult and expensive to make, and in the case of the dye called "Tyrian purple," which was made of rotten sea snails, it was also pretty gross to make! This meant that for most of history, only royalty and the very wealthy could afford to wear purple outfits. But no goddess is going to be thwarted by earthly technological restrictions like that, and if she wants to wear a purple dress, she's just a snap of her fingers away from having the chicest look on Mount Olympus!

Luckily, this dress doesn't require divine intervention (or even rotten snails) to get its stunning purple hue. The cream colored synthetic gown and shoulder drapes transition to a heavenly purple color, which is complimented by gold details and brocade ribbons. Once she puts on the included gold headband and a pair of ancient style sandals, she'll be the best dressed goddess at any Greek costume party!

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