Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Buck Teeth Promotions

Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Buck Teeth Promotions
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New School Ghoul

How ready are you to get those Halloween decorations out there? Halloween has so many opportunities to get real creative, no matter how much room you have to flaunt your fearsome seasonal trimmings. You can go as scary or as silly as you want. From a wicked witch peering out your front window to a veil of spiderwebs covering your front door, this spooky setting is your oyster. There's only one rule. You've got to have a great jack-o-lantern! It can be difficult to come up with a different design, year after year. You've tried the classic smile with square teeth, a mouth with a shocked "O", and even a spooky landscape design. But here's the thing, if you want to keep your gourds fresh and interesting, you might need some outside help.

Product Details

You'll get seven glow-in-the-dark teeth for your jack-o-lanterns with this hilarious set. Whether your pumpkins are big and tall or cute and round, you'll find the size variation in these teeth can be used for a funny buck-toothed look or odd undersized teeth. These teeth easily can screw into a carved mouth to give any jack-o-lantern a cartoonish quality that people will remember.

Family Fun

Carving pumpkins with the family? Kids can choose from the seven sets and each pumpkin will have a different look. The funny mouths will glow in the dark even before you set a light inside the pumpkin. You'll never have to carve those tricky teeth again, not with this toothsome set!

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