God Of War Blades of Chaos Accessory Promotions

God Of War Blades of Chaos Accessory Promotions
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Convo with Kratos

"Hey, Kratos! What did you do today?"

"Oh, nothing... just executed the entire pantheon of Greek gods with nothing but some moxie and these here blades I got. On my way to Norway to destroy some Norse gods."

"Oh... um, that's nice."

"Hey, you want my Blades of Chaos? Not gonna need 'em in Norway. Gonna use a hatchet this time 'round."

"Heck yes, I do!"

That little scenario is unlikely to happen to you any time soon, unfortunately. But that doesn't mean you have to give up your dream of owning a pair of nifty god-slaying blades of your own. With these God of War Blades of Chaos, you can go about your merry way, challenging various gods and demigods to duels to the death... if you can find any that Kratos has left alive, that is!

Product Details

These Blades of Chaos are officially licensed from the God of War video games series. They recreate the look of Kratos' primary weapon of choice and they even feature a chain that connects the dual blades. Of course, this is a collectible toy version of the weapon, so they might not serve you in a real battle against the gods, but Kratos didn't really leave many gods alive for you.

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