Gold Coin Head Piece Promotions

Gold Coin Head Piece Promotions
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Keeping it Classy in Cairo

Cleopatra's influence is strong. She didn't reign long and yet we talk about her more than any other Egyptian ruler. That just goes to show that keeping up a strong image can go a long way. Cleopatra really knew how to build her brand. When she really needed to seem regal and majestic she would dress up as the goddess, Isis. To impress a Roman dignitary she served him, "the most expensive meal in the world" and dissolved a pearl in vinegar for them to drink, right before his eyes. Her style was so pervasive that it spread to other lands, Caesar erected a golden statue of the fashionista in Rome! Now, that's a lady who knew how to keep it classy.

Product Details

This crown will make you look ready to take on dignitaries in Egpyt as well as Rome. The tiers of molded coins are gorgeous, connecting at the top for a truly royal look.

A Royal Welcome

Are you having an Egyptian themed event? This is the perfect way to top off your ensemble. Check out our other Egyptian costumes from mummy costumes to Pharaoh and toga costumes. A royal like you deserves options!

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