Gold Pimp Necklace Promotions

Gold Pimp Necklace Promotions
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Balla Beginnings

Every playa needs to start from somewhere. You think the top Mac Daddy starts on the top? You think every Daddy Mac is born with a blinging chain wrapped around their neck? No, son. You need to earn all that! Most true playas start from nothing and that means they don't have the Benjamins for a blinged-out chain, encrusted with gold and ice. If you want to start your way to the top, then you might need to begin with a budget chain... and that means tossing this Gold Pimp Necklace around your neck. It might not be made out of solid gold, but it shows the world that you're aiming for the top.

Product Details

This costume accessory is for a balla on a budget. The simple chain has a fastener in back and a large emblem in front that reads "PIMP." Each letter has a textured style to help give it a more authentic look. Pair it up with any of our pimp outfits and you'll be ready to start your quest to become the greatest Mad Daddy (or Daddy Mac) of them all. When you finally make it, you can trade this budget chain in for the real deal!

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