Gold Shimmering Rhinestone Headpiece Promotions

Gold Shimmering Rhinestone Headpiece Promotions
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Strike up the Sitar

Becoming a star in the way of Scheherazade has never been easy. We think of the draping costumes and jingling ankle bracelets of belly dancers and we think, how hard can it be? But just think of all the twists and turns the queen from Thousand and One Nights had to come up with. She had to come up with automatons before cars were even a thing. She wove stories into stories. The story of Jinn (genie) had a happy ending simply because the man had another story up her sleeve. She just knew a whole lot about entertainment... we would have loved to see her wardrobe.

Product Details

This gorgeous headpiece frames your face with plenty of sparkle and metallic gold tones. The sides dangle past your chin, complimenting any ensemble with plenty of sparkly drama!

A Royal Welcome

Maybe you don't want to tell stories to a king like your life depends on it for two-thousand-and-one nights in a row. You won't need to become a legendary storyteller when you're wearing this gorgeous headpiece. You don't even need to have to know the difference between a chest lift and shoulder shimmy to look like a prima donna belly dancer. You dress for the job you want, after all!