Graftobian Deluxe Grey Hairspray Promotions

Graftobian Deluxe Grey Hairspray Promotions
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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Changing up your hairdo is one of the best forms of self-expression. Wear it in braids one day, wear it down the next, cut it short, let it grow long, try every hairstyle in the book, just do you! It's especially fun to experiment with dye, but there's also a lot of time, money, and commitment that goes into booking an appointment at a salon to change your hair color. If you want to walk into the Halloween celebration with a color that coordinates with your costume then this deluxe grey hairspray is essential. You'll have different color hair for the festivity but your coiffure will go back to its normal shade as soon as you wash it out.

Product Details

The grey deluxe hairspray is packaged in a convenient aerosol can and contains 150 ml of the product. Hold it approximately 10-12 inches away and spray it all over your hair. You'll have a dazzling new look that can quickly vanish whenever you desire.

So Many Options

Grey hair looks perfect with so many different costumes. Pair it with a ghost, old person, witch, Beetlejuice, or gothic inspired costume to offset the look. Be prepared to be called a silver fox wherever the night takes you.