Graftobian Makeup Sponge Small Promotions

Graftobian Makeup Sponge Small Promotions
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Did Someone Say Makeover?

We're literally hanging on the edge of our seats while we wait for a definite answer...

Anyway, it's our personal belief that makeovers are one of life's simple pleasures. It's fun to go from blah to beautiful in a blink of an eye. When we aren't the ones getting glamified, we still enjoy helping out with the beautification process. You get a makeover, and you get a makeover, and you all the way in the back, you get a makeover too!

Since we're makeover enthusiasts, in the past we've tinkered with all kinds of different products from eyeshadow to foundation to applicator types. We can say with certainty that this small makeup sponge is the best way to apply makeup. Pick it up, dab it in your favorite product, and watch the transformation take place right before your very eyes.

Product Details

Essentially, this is a synthetic sponge on a plastic applicator but it's capable of picking up all sorts of makeup and transferring it to your face flawlessly. This applicator can be dabbed in cream makeup, eyeshadow, or blush. It's small so it's perfect for tiny areas like the eyelids.


Did we happen to mention that we love makeovers? Attach a picture in the product review section so we can revel in your metamorphosis too!

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