Gray Clip-In Dreads Promotions

Gray Clip-In Dreads Promotions
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The True Meaning of Tresses

Hair makes a real statement. You know where you stand with someone based on their haircut. Tinker Bell would have had a completely different attitude if she’d had goth-girl bangs and a home bleach job. We defy Scarlett O’Hara to capture the hearts of those antebellum beaus with a Karen-style “I-want-to-talk-to-the-manager” bob. Hair expresses personality, letting you know if the person in front of you is likely to be a friend, or murder you and use your teeth for an extra-special potion. Hair matters!

Product Details

That’s why you need these Grey Clip-In Dreads! Get a look that says, “I’m your dream voodoo lady” when you clip these into your natural mop. Each clip has three dreads attached, some of which have brown beads on the ends for extra witchy pizazz. You’ll steal the hearts of all who see you with your haunting sense of style. What you do with those hearts once you have them is up to you!

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