Green Dinosaur Toddler Costume Promotions

Green Dinosaur Toddler Costume Promotions

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Does talk of the Cretaceous period send shivers up your kid's spine? Are they fascinated with any living being that occurred before the invention of the wheel? Your prehistorically occupied child is in good company. Who knows what it is about dinosaurs that fascinates our children? Maybe it's that scaly skin or their mysterious nature. Actually, everyone knows why dinosaurs are cool, they're giant, they roar, and they are always pictured with a volcano in the background, what's not to love?

When you're looking for a dinosaur costume for your little one, you definitely have options. Your little one could dress as a plant eater in every hue from neon orange to a natural hunter green. Or, if your little one is a little more aggressive and is really conquering their T-Rex arms. They could even dress up as a pterodactyl, for a high flying take on the Jurassic period. However, if your kiddo would like the primordial adventure of a lifetime we have an interesting offer. Your kid can spend some time hitching a ride on the back of a long-necked herbivore. They don't need their license or a helmet, we won't even make you sign a waiver. There's little to no danger in the life of a dinosaur jockey, all your kiddo has to do step into the attached pants in the back of the dino and enjoy the ride.

Whether your kid wants a dino costume for Halloween or for a Jurassic-themed birthday party they're sure to have a lot of fun playing pretend in this ensemble. Your kid's new green buddy will make a great guide through the prehistoric jungle, now all you need to do is set off that giant baking soda volcano you've been holding onto to make the adventure complete.