Gremlins Image Capture Canvas Tote Bag Promotions

Gremlins Image Capture Canvas Tote Bag Promotions
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Sweet Until Midnight

Trick-or-treaters are a lot like the Mogwai. They're sweet when they first start out but they don't like bright light, they get cranky and troublesome when wet, and feeding them candy after midnight is a very bad idea. But before any of the rules get broken (maybe keep that paint water somewhere else next time, Billy!) Gizmo is the best pet anyone could ask for. That trilling song, his witty parroting ways, and cuddly demeanor makes us understand why someone might take their chances with the Mogwai. Looking for a way to carry the trick-or-treating loot around while keeping the basic trick-or-treater and Mogwai rules in mind? This tote bag is a great choice, giving a splash of eighties nostalgia to any Halloween costume!

Product Details

This bright blue bag can hold a lot of loot! The cotton canvas material is nice and sturdy so after you've dumped all the candy in the middle of the living room floor for wild sweet Halloween feasting, you can use this bag for trips to the library or transporting unusual Chinatown finds from place to place. A bright print on the side is sure to stir up nostalgic Gremlin conversations. Perfect for Halloween and the Christmas season, this little Gizmo is happy to come with you wherever you go!

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